A Spot of Ginger Tea

Sweet Tea Boxers came to exist on July 15, 1993 with the arrival of our first litter of puppies. From the start we wanted to breed beautiful, sound, and healthy dogs. Ginger was a wonderful mother to all of her pups, in her first litter of seven, we kept a flash male and called him Thor. Ginger passed away 3-3-00, she will be very missed, it's because of her I feel in love with the breed. She was a joy and pleasure to own. She was 9 years 3 months old. Good-bye my friend, I'll see you at the bridge.

We are located in Western New York. We being myself, Sheila, my husband, Jeff and son Greg. I've been a member of Ohio Boxer Club since 1996. All of our adult dogs have been holtored monitored, EKGed and sonagrammed at Ohio State University of Veterinary Medicine by Dr. Kate Meurs. Our dearest hope is with the study being done by Dr. Muers, all breeders will someday have a DNA test to screen our wonderful breed from cardiomyopathy. Cardio and cancer are the two biggest killers of boxers today.

Sweet Tea Boxers

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