Sweet Tea Boxers

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City State Zip
Home Number
Do you If you rent Name and Number of Landlord.
Have you ever owned a boxer as an adult?
Where is that boxer now?
Did you grow up with a boxer?
Does a friend or relative own a boxer?
If none of the above, why do you think you want a boxer?
Do you have a completely fenced in yard?
If not, how will you control the pet's whereabouts?
Where will the boxer be when you are away from home?
How many hours will the dog be alone a day on average Monday thru Friday?
Besides you, how many adults live in your home?
How do they feel about having a boxer in the home?
Number of Children? Ages?
During the past five years, how many pets have you owned?Are they still living with you?
If not, why?
Do you still have cats or dogs?
If so, how many? Cats
How many male dogs?Neutered?
How many female dogs? Spayed?
Do you have any reservations about your present animals getting along with your new boxer?
Are you willing to attend group training classes with this dog?
Who is your veterinarian?
Are you considering the showing boxers? Breeding? Obedience?
Your Preference?
Any additional comments you'd like to send, please feel free to do so.