Sweet Tea Boxers
Pet Puppy Contract

The boxer puppy been sold today--registration No.--date of birth--will be sold for $--.

The registration will be filled out today and be sent to the new owner after proof of neutering or spaying has been received by the breeder. This must be done by 10 months of age, unless discussed with breeder.

The new owner has five days to take the puppy to the veterinarian of his/her choice and have it checked for any health problems. If any are found, the buyer has the right to a full refund of purchase price, at return of the puppy.

The buyer agrees to provide adequate vet care, including to but not limited to annual checkups and heartworm test; to keep immunization current; to properly administer heartworm preventative; to provide adequate housing for this dog within the buyer's home; to confine the dog when outdoors and refrain from restraining it on a chain or rope; and to provide adequate exercised by walking the dog on a leash or exercising in a fenced in area.

Ownership and/or possession of this dog will not be transferred without written consent of the breeder. The breeder will accept the return of this dog at any time the purchaser declines to keep said dog; however, the breeder is not obligated to refund any or all of the purchase price except as stated above (reference to return of the dog for health reasons within the first five days after sale).

The new owner also agrees to take the dog to some kind of obedience class and/or teach the dog basic obedience including but not limited to sit, down, stay and heel. Please remember that an adult boxer may way as much as 75 pounds. And the breeder of this dog takes no responsibility for the actions of the dog after it leaves the breeder's home.

It is agreed that legal ownership of this dog will rest with the breeder until and unless all turns stated are accomplished as described herein. Violation of the terms of this contract that could negatively impact the dogs health, safety or well-being may result in the buyer being required to return the dog to the breeder within five days of receipt of notice from the breeder. If the buyer violates this agreement, he/she is responsible for any legal cost accrued enforcing this contract.

Please give the name and number of a family member to contact in case the purchaser cannot be reached.

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